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CONTENT SUBMISSIONS: Be published on Black Counselor!

Black Counselor is looking for content submissions from you to publish in the BC News or the BC Blogs. Topics of particular interest include practical advice (i.e., a short description of your practice area; advice on whether or not to clerk; thoughts on finding or being a mentor; suggestions for professional conduct and development; tips for success in law school) and personal reflections ( i.e., how your practice or interest area has been influenced or shaped by your African-American ethnicity; how you overcame any obstacles in building your career; how you balance work and a personal life; general thoughts on the state of women in the profession; trends and changes you have observed in the law; and how your perspective on the law may have changed because of your gender and experiences).


Submissions can be as short as 250 words, and they can be published anonymously. Create an account or login to your existing account, then submit a blog post anytime. Articles are reviewed by Black Counselor editors at before posting to the BC New. If you would like to review submissions, edit, or write regularly for Black Couneslor, please contact us at